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Serving the Ophthalmic Community since 1988

Recruiting a new associate or selling a Practice can be a long and tedious process. Partnering with BJB Medical will greatly enhance your search efforts while saving time and unwanted stress.

A shorter recruitment timeline accelerates profitability!

Search efforts are supported by a proprietary database of 11,000+ physician profiles created over the past 32 years. The database is updated daily providing access to inactive candidates, those candidates currently exploring practice options, current residents and fellows, and those individuals who entrust BJB to represent them in a discreet manner, protecting their confidentiality.

The bedrock of BJB’s recruitment philosophy are the honest, candid, confidential discussions necessary in establishing a personal relationship with our candidates. This relationship plays a role in our consultants learning and understanding the applicant’s needs (professional/personal), expectations, employment history and skill set prior to presentation to the client.

BJB is not a “resume factory!  Three decades recruiting has shown us an equally strong working relationship between consultant and client results in a more satisfying and successful recruitment.

Consultants available 24/7 throughout the recruitment process!

Keep in mind, candidates today are looking for a balance between career, family, lifestyle, and income.  From a retention standpoint, personal dynamics and professional considerations should be given equal consideration. This is best achieved by partnering with BJB Medical and fully utilizing our expertise and experience in “bridging the gap” between Candidate and Client establishing  the foundation upon which the Practice and Candidate can build a long term personal and professional relationship.

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