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BJB Medical Associates, “The Ophthalmologist's Search Firm” has specialized in ophthalmic recruitment, placement, practice sales, locum tenens and retention of ophthalmologists for over 30 years. Today, it is comprised of experienced consultants devoting 100% of their time to ophthalmic Search/Placement.

Candidates are updated daily, insuring access to candidates actively looking and those preparing or considering entering the marketplace. The foundation of this database is built upon a network of ongoing relationships BJB has developed over the past 30 years with clients and candidates. A proprietary database of over 11,000 0phthalmologists, combined with the personal relationships developed by its consultants, distinguishes BJB as “The Ophthalmologist Search Firm”.

The founder, Barry Biagini, has been in the recruitment industry over 36 years. In his early career he worked as a consultant recruiting accounting and financial candidates for Fortune 500 companies and “Big Eight” public accounting firms. When called upon to assist in the development of a Physician Search Division, he recruited his first ophthalmologist. Immediately attracted to the specialty, sensing an intelligent and entrepreneurial spirit in ophthalmology apart from other specialties, he remained with the firm recruiting ophthalmologists until 1988. That year, he opened BJB Medical Associates, which has evolved into one of the nation’s leading ophthalmology Search/Placement firms.