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Recruiting a new associate or selling a practice can be a long and tedious process. BJB Medical can greatly enhance your ophthalmology search efforts while saving you time and unwanted stress. Remember, shorter recruitment timeline accelerates profitability!

The complexities of successful physician recruitment are overcome when utilizing the resources and capabilities of BJB Medical. Your search will be supported by BJB's proprietary database of 11,000 ophthalmologists profiled over the last 30 years.

Candidates today are looking for a balance between career, family, lifestyle, and income. From a retention standpoint personal dynamics and professional considerations have to be given equal attention. Advances in communication, medical technology, and uniformity of care, all add to the mobility of the ophthalmologist, which places greater importance on the selection of the “right” candidate. This goal is best achieved by partnering with BJB Medical and fully utilizing our expertise and experience, while understanding our commitment to both client and candidate in “bridging the gap” between the Practice and Candidate which is necessary in establishing a long term personal and professional relationship.